Vermicomposting – An Overview

vermicompostingIf you are a gardener that is looking for a way to improve your overall results when doing gardening this year, you might want to consider vermicomposting. If you have never heard of vermicomposting before, here is a quick overview of what this process entails.


People that use fertilizer in their gardens are more than likely aware of how important compost is for their garden. Composting is absolutely essential for a healthy garden. Essentially, it is decomposed organic matter that acts as a fertilizer. In fact, organic matter like this is essential for any type of organic farming.

When you do typical composting, it usually involves creating a pile of organic matter that decomposes over time. Often called green food waste, this wetted organic matter takes several months to decompose. An enormous amount of heat is usually generated. As long as there is ample amounts of air, water, and carbon dioxide, the compost will be ready to use on your garden in no time at all


vermicomposting processThe difference with vermicomposting is that instead of using organic matter that is the result of a normal decomposition process (which typically includes nitrogen rich materials, water, air, and an assortment of plant matter) which involves using a composting bin, vermicomposting utilizes a similar process, but utilizes the help of red wigglers or what are technically called Eisenia fetida.and will

Here is a quick video oveview of exactly what vermiomposting is:

You can see, the process is not that difficult. It is certainly different from typical composting but has these two experts talk about this process, it’s actually not that hard to achieve.

Worm Composting

A quick overview of the vermicomposting process typically involves using an ample amount of food or vegetable waste. This waste cannot include anything that has oils, fats, dairy, or meat as this is toxic for the worms and will completely destroy the process.

vermicompost poison

In most cases, if done properly, the bedding materials will be converted to worm manure and small worm castings called Vermicast that can be collected and placed in your garden as a form of fertilizer.

Vermicomposting Bin

In order to do the vermicomposting you are going to need to have what is called a vermicomposting bin. Unlike typical composting which can simply be done by putting organic matter into a pile outside of your house, the worms need an actual place to live and thrive in order to do the work.

vermicomposting bin

In most cases, you can actually make your own vermicomposting bin, however the easiest way to create one is to buy one. Most of these are very inexpensive and are typically made of plastic. They will have a lid so that you can put your organic matter into the bin on a regular basis. It will also have aeration holes so that the worms have a proper amount of air. You also need to make sure that you continually add organic waste into the bin so that the red worms can digest the organic matter and create the vermicompost.

Commercial Vermicomposting

Commercial vermicomposting is something that many large scale farmers have found to be very profitable in regard to not only growing bigger and better crops, but also selling the vermicast and vermicomposting to gardeners nationwide. It has become big business simply because this type of composting can help any garden, regardless of what you were growing. Although commercial sized businesses may not be for every person out there as it takes a considerable amount of money to start, you can do this on a smaller scale, especially if you want to involve your family, including your kids, with a project.

Vermicomposting For Kids

If you want to do vermicomposting as a project with your family, and help show your children how to grow a bountiful garden, vermicomposting with your kids may be one of the best projects that you can try. Most kids like to play with worms, and when they see their garden sprout into action like never before, they will want to do this with you year after year. For just a small amount of initial investment money, you can have healthy food to eat and also create a family project that they will always remember.

How To Do Vermicomposting

If you would like to start vermicomposting for this gardening season, then you should go through our website to learn exactly what to do. We have several helpful articles on how you can get started. There are also video tutorials which you can access that will show you visually what to do. Some people learn better with text, and others by watching others take them through a step-by-step process. Everything is here for you to get started vermicomposting. Good luck and may your garden be the most bountiful garden ever!

Here are a couple videos to get you started with Vermicomposting. Enjoy!

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